About Us

Dedicated. Diligent. Dependable.

Who We Are

We are a local business that is dedicated to helping others. We are diligent about these efforts as we aim to become a dependable place to do business.

Owner, Matthew Cianci has been working in the Insurance Industry for the past 8 years.

Matt and his family live in Montgomery County. Matt grew up in Conshohocken, PA and graduated from PWHS. Matt’s brothers operate their business in Montco also. Matt and his brothers are very close. He attended WCU and like so many didn’t understand where his passion and drive should be directed. After graduating from WCU, he found his way in the insurance business where ethics, integrity and compassion are paramount. Matt is married to his wife Teresina and lives with his son Isaiah and daughter, Valencia in Blue Bell, PA.  Matt’s wife is a local sponsor of several Montgomery County running groups and several mother’s groups.

What We Do

We help people understand the vulnerabilities that lie in the details and inner workings of the policies that protect the assets that matter most to the families we serve. We operate in the utmost good faith through meticulous contract procurement and risk planning that is both careful and tactful. We hedge risk through policy cost benefit analysis. We help our customers discern which policy costs are worth undertaking and those that aren’t worth undertaking because they take a lifetime for the client to recover.

We help customers better understand the insurance policy contract. We are not lawyers but we do understand policy  having read policy over policy year over year, with rigorous persistence. Certain policies are implicitly cheap for reasons. Certain coverage is less expensive and other coverage most expensive.  Showing where the client can see the soonest break even is our strategy. 

Why We Do It?

Below is an example of why we do what we do:

Mr. Jones fails to add “other than collision” coverage to his 2009 Nissan Murano because he assumes that this is not needed based on the market value of his vehicle. Because he hired us as his agent, we immediately realize that the cost of this particular coverage option is only $140 annually. 3 months later, Mr. Jones’s 2009 Nissan Murano is vandalized on Halloween night while parked outside of his house, causing $2,300 worth of repairs and $900 of rental expense, all of which was covered because he decided to listen to our advice and incur the expense of $140 a year. In summary, Mr. Jones’s decision to hire our agency allowed him to realize a gain of $3,060.

Radical truth and transparency when offering counseling services will help our customers make more profitable decisions when choosing the appropriate policy over time. Our passion always has and always will be led by our benevolent and conscientious relationship-driven behavior which is underlined through acts of good will.